HERproject Toolbuilder

Guide to the HERproject Toolbuilder

  1. What is HERproject?

    Launched in 2007 in China, BSR’s HERproject links multinational companies and their factories to local NGOs to create sustainable workplace programs that increase women’s health awareness. Working with our global network of partners, BSR also seeks to demonstrate the return on investment for factory-based women’s health programs. HERproject is active in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Vietnam. HERproject is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Levi Strauss Foundation, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. HERproject factory and farm program implementation costs are funded in full by participating multinational companies, third-party vendors, and suppliers. Visit www.herproject.org for more information

  2. What is BSR?

    BSR works with its global network of more than 250 member companies to build a just and sustainable world. From its offices in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, BSR develops sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration. Visit www.bsr.org for more information about BSR’s more than 20 years of leadership in sustainability.

  3. Who can use the HERproject Toolbuilder?

    The HERproject Toolbuilder is an open-source resource for professionals delivering health training in developing countries. While anybody can experiment creating posters or flipcharts, only registered users can save and export their projects. Registration is free and helps us collect information such as the type, size, and location of your organization. We aggregate this information to be able to report back to our funders.

  4. How do I start a new project?

    If you are a registered user, log into your account before you start a new project to avoid losing your work. If you are not registered and want to test the HERproject Toolbuilder before signing up, select the "Try It Now" button. Please note, however, that if you are not signed in, you will not be able to save and return to your project at a later time. You will also not be able to export your project.

    The first step is to select the type of project you want to make: flipchart or poster. Flipcharts and posters are commonly used as training resources for low-literate populations because they are highly visual and contain few words.

    After you select your project, choose a country. If the country you are working in is not an option, select a country that has a similar ethnic and cultural background.

    Once your project and country are selected, you can begin creating your training materials.

  5. Can I type in my local language?

    The Toolbuilder is designed to work in local languages. If you are having difficulty typing in your local language, please use this language manual to ensure your computer settings are configured correctly.

  6. Can I change the order of my flipchart pages?

    Yes. To change the order of the pages in your flipchart, select the Sort icon in the top, right corner of your project or in the top, right corner of the slide you are working on. Just select, drag, and drop the slide to where you want it. Make sure you save your changes before exiting the sort window.

  7. Can I preview my project before exporting it?

    Yes. To preview your project, select the Preview icon in the top, right corner of your project. You will be able to see both the front and backside of the flipchart page in the preview window.

  8. How do I export my project?

    You have two options for exporting your project to a PDF. You can export the entire project by selecting the Export icon in the top, right corner of your project. You can also export individual pages by selecting the Export icon in the top, right corner of the selected page.

    Projects are exported to a PDF to facilitate easy printing. Flipchart pages will also be exported in the right order for easy flipchart assemblage.

  9. If I upload my own photos, will I be able to access them the next time I log in?

    Yes. Your photos will be saved unless you manually delete them from your photo bank. You do not need to upload the same photo every time you log in.

  10. Can I share my projects with other users?

    Only official HERproject partners can share saved projects with each other. We hope to add a feature that allows regular users to share projects as well. Stay tuned.

  11. Is there a size limit for the photos that I can upload?

    The maximum image size is 5MB. Please note, however, that the larger the image, the greater the bandwidth required to run the tool. If you are working with a slow internet connection, try and use lower-resolution images.

  12. What if I need an image or photo that is not in the current image collection?

    If there is an image that you would like to see in the HERproject Toolbuilder image collection, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We cannot guarantee that we will be able to respond to all requests, but we will work with our third-party vendors and illustrator to do the best we can. Remember, if you don’t see an image in the photo bank, you can always upload an image of your own.

  13. How did you choose the focus countries in the HERproject Toolbuilder?

    The focus countries are those where HERproject is currently active. We will be building out our regional representation in the Toolbuilder over the coming year.

If you have questions about or trouble using the HERproject Toolbuilder, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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